Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Recap and re-brand? New year resolution.

Its been a very long while since I last update my space. Today is the first day of 2014 and I am sitting alone in my laboratory just for the sake to connect with internet. Lame huh? Yeah! My house lead moved out and cancelled the internet subscription which was registered under his name. Well, few days without internet won't die kill, no? Guess, this will be a great time for me to concentrate on my readings and writing. Year 2013 been tough for me with all sort of ill-luck events happening and to some point that I almost been thrown into the sea of despair. As said, I was forced to spend a lot more that I expected to repair and regain. I am lucky that I had great supporting friends and family that helps me to go through those saddening events. Thank god I doesn't need to take antidepressant thereafter.

Since its 2014, I should list down some of my new year resolutions.
1) Uplifting my energy level (zombie look - prince charming?)
2) Regain optimum health (always a sick cat though)
3) Pray for NO MORE newly added allergies
4) Graduation
5) Somebody to shoulder burden and heavy thought side by side (one way or dual side)
6) Leaving the "birdcage"
7) Save more money
8) Become more cheerful

Friends and family that know me well would know that I'm actually an emo freak with narcissist trait. Since I'm still easily fooled, gullible and ignorant to the over-world,  some part of me remains in my childhood memories (childish?) and from there branches out my characteristic. Another part of me was twisting and climbed much higher than I could possibly handle. The characteristic that shown to most of my friends was the latter with some stated me as cold-heart, poker face, cooled, scheming, weirdo and so on. Even though some does able to meet my cold-hilarious, crazy and emo (face-to-face), I am still lacking of comforts from the person that I could divulge my heartfelt. Not gonna going so far to mention who he/she is, please do not pursued on this or I will just simply ignore.

Leaving away the unhappiness in 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Have a great 2014 even when we are currently facing inflation rate as high as 30%. Stay healthy and cheerful. I would like to meet you guys since we were almost disconnected in real life while connected in virtual world.

Gracias et ciao! :)

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