Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Recap and re-brand? New year resolution.

Its been a very long while since I last update my space. Today is the first day of 2014 and I am sitting alone in my laboratory just for the sake to connect with internet. Lame huh? Yeah! My house lead moved out and cancelled the internet subscription which was registered under his name. Well, few days without internet won't die kill, no? Guess, this will be a great time for me to concentrate on my readings and writing. Year 2013 been tough for me with all sort of ill-luck events happening and to some point that I almost been thrown into the sea of despair. As said, I was forced to spend a lot more that I expected to repair and regain. I am lucky that I had great supporting friends and family that helps me to go through those saddening events. Thank god I doesn't need to take antidepressant thereafter.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hokkien mee @ Seri Kembangan

Had been a long while since I last tasted hokkien mee. Today,I went to try out this shop which their speciality is hokkien mee. It was located beside South City Plaza and only open after 5pm.

The mee was quite disappointing for me as I still couldn't find any that can compared with what I had before. Still remember the taste of the mee hand-made by gramps. The taste could literally stay in your mouth for hours.

let's go back to the shop. As mentioned, I was disappointed as the mee was too salty and was too dry. I had forgotten how the taste of it already right after I done.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


我是个典型魔羯。 很多人都说我有很多秘密,不愿分享。 是的! 我不容易与人们分享所有但如觉得能分享的决不会吝啬。自己有很多秘密但心底埋藏更多亲朋的秘密。凡事都想亲力亲为不想成为别人的负担。心软的我,很容易被影响而屈服。

当时你曾问我为什么不为你心动,我默默无言。有可能多年前的那句话深深的烙印在我心底。这句“祝你永远单身!不会有人会喜欢你的!” 如果是说给你听的话会让你有什么感觉呢?事过多年,但这句话仍然让我铭记疑心。人生这条路谁没有被伤害过呢?那就罢了。。

因为心软,被缠着又再次复合。但,大家都该明白已经没能回到过去了那样了。曾经会踏出第一步尽量每天都至少发封短讯但心已麻了。 人与人之间最好的桥梁就是坦诚与了解。一开始“了解”就被那句给封杀了。心底也开始慢慢的建起高厚的墙。重新开始后又被挂上不信任的头衔也没则。可能当下已经不再拥有那颗心里了。。。

你问我为什从未关心但你心里应该有个底吧?有可能是累了,心也给关进了保险箱,对你开始觉得厌倦。 你所说的话总是在我心底放炮。就连开玩笑都会让我很厌倦。 孤僻的我选择了逃避和无视。越是敏感的话题我越是不想详谈。 这样的我可能大家都会说很过分但我无所谓。



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